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Cookware and Cutlery


All Clad

This American made brand of is one of the first lines we ever carried, and is our widest selection of pots and pans still. We love the All Clad cookware because of its durability and high quality construction. Most lines are layered using the same patented methods used to make coins, ensuring even heating across the entire pan. Come in and explore our selection of professional grade cookware for your home.


De Buyer

French food has been synonymous with the best cuisine in the world for an age and De Buyer has been a part of French cuisine since 1830. Today we carry some of De Buyer’s most unique pans from their crepe pans to the B-mineral Iron line. High quality and easy to use cookware at every price range is what De Buyer does best.


Lodge is the quintessential brand for cast iron cookware. If you want locally made cookware that heats evenly over gas, electric or induction stoves or campfires and will last forever then Lodge cast iron is the perfect addition to your kitchen.



Staub is another French brand we are proud to Carry at Davis Cookware & Coffee. Their Enamel coated cast iron cookware is some of the finest in the world. It pairs the high BTU cooking qualities of the classic cast iron and the slick enamel finish that makes cleaning a breeze. Staub can easily be considered some of the most beautiful cookware in our store.


One of the most important pieces of any kitchen is the perfect set of knives. We carry some of the finest knives in the world by J.A. Henkel, Cangshen, Wustoff, Victorinox and more. We will help you find the knives that perfectly fit your cooking style and price range whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh gourmet.