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GHNB Coffee

Our GHNB line of coffee is the culmination of more than 80 combined years of coffee service. The coffee is sourced from all around the world by the roaster George Howell Coffee. George Howell has had a huge impact on the Third Wave Coffee movement and the coffee industry as a whole because of his award winning quality.  Noteable Blends has been creating harmonically blended coffee for more than four decades and is Nashville’s best kept secret. Come in and try our Classic Latte blend for a perfectly balanced cup or the Predators blend during the season. Together George Howell and Noteable Blends provide a coffee experience from the seed to a symphony in a mug. 


Jitterz & Davis Brothers  Coffee

Our Jitterz and Davis Brothers Coffees are staples of the Davis Cookware and Coffee Shelves. This line has perfectly medium and dark roasted coffee from every continent and if you are feeling extra festive try one of our flavored coffees. The Snickerdoodle makes an excellent Christmas brew. 

Davis Cookware Tea

We carry a revolving selection of over 200 teas to fit any occasion. We source teas from all over the world to bring you the most unique and complex flavors in every process from black to green to puerh to darjeeling, come down and find your new favorite tea.